Faldi Samaai - Chairman

Faldi is a professional Engineer and Project manager. He is a Director of Nadeson Consulting Services and is very active in the built environment with particular interest in civil infrastructure and sustainable projects . Faldi`s  expertise, combined with his immense drive and enthusiasm, means that he excellently equipped to handle the wide diversity of projects. He has a desire to share opportunities and also puts much energy into the development and training of staff.

His involvement in large projects in both England and Scotland has given him first hand experience of International  ISO quality assurance standards. it is these very principies that we are intent on following in all our work, so that our name is synonymous with the highest standards in quality.

Mohsin Tajbhai - CEO

As a boy growing up in rural Botswana I always had a keen interest in understanding how things worked. This interest together with a strong passion for mathematics and physics led me on a path to becoming a structural engineer. 

After completing my secondary education in Botswana, I moved to Cape Town and enrolled at The University of Cape Town for a degree in Structural Engineering which I completed with a full merit scholarship awarded to me by the University of Cape Town.

I started my career at Nadeson in 2005 where I have had the opportunity to work on some of the largest engineering projects in the country such as the structural design of Portside building, Cape Town’s tallest building.  I have also had the opportunity to register as a professional engineer both in South Africa and in the UK and have also been admitted as a member of the institute of structural engineers (MIStructE).  During my 12 year carrier as a structural engineer I have always had an interest in understanding the engineering business and coming up with business solutions for my clients. As the newly appointed CEO of the company my aim is to create local engineering company that offers a full array of world class engineering services with a presence throughout the African continent.  

Barry Andrews - Director - Vredenburg

I completed my school career in 1991 at Schoonspruit Senior Secondary school in Malmesburg. I started my tersiary education in 1992 and the then called Cape Tecknikon in Central Cape. Due to financial constraints I started working in the Construction industry and worked for Civil and Coastal Construction, LTA Construction and Haw and Inglis from 1993 up until the end of 1997. I completed my Diploma in 1998 with a full scholarship provided to me by Haw and Inglis. One of my biggets achievements whilst working in the Construction Industry was being promoted to Site Agent in Civil and Coastal Construction in 1994.

I started my consulting engineering career in 1999 with Wouter Engelbrecht Consulting Engineers (Later called Element) and have worked in this sector since then. I completed my B Tech degree studying part time in 2001. I registered as a Professional Engineering Technologist in 2006. I started my career at Nadeson in 1996 and there I was exposed to some of the largest engineering projects in the country such as the Alterations and Extensions to Grand West Casino. I’ve opened the West Coast branch office for Nadeson in January 2007 and we have successfully completed numerous projects for all the municipalities within the West Coast area. Some of these projects are the upgrading the design and construction of OP 509, Upgrading of Vredenburg Mai Sewer and the construction of numerous low cost infrastructure and top structure projects within some of the West Coast municipalities.

The reason why Nadeson is very different from other Consulting Engineering practices is the magnitude and size of some of their projects as an example is the Portside Building which is the tallest building within Cape Town. Furthermore the extensive involvement in the developing and educating of young Engineers and other professionals. The company’s ideas always are to “create Imagineers in Engineers”   

Bruce Erlangsen - Director

I matriculated in 1975 at SACS in Newlands and started studies in civil engineering at UCT during 1976 graduating with a BSc in civil engineering in 1979. I worked initially with a contractor (LTA Construction) on various projects around South Africa before spending 1983 travelling Europe on a shoe string budget. 

On return from Europe I commenced my working career in the consulting engineering field and have remained there since 1984. My experience has been varied and has included management of concrete civil engineering construction, road geometric design, urban infrastructure design, site supervision, river and stormwater hydraulic analysis, contract documentation and project management. Due to this largely wide spectrum of civil engineering my field of expertise has centred in later years on all types of mainly urban infrastructure including, roads, sewerage, water and stormwater, low income housing and peripheral infrastructure including contract and financial management of projects. I sometimes refer to myself as a “jack of all trades”

I am often concerned that civil engineers are taken for granted by much of society but civil engineers provide clean water, sanitation and roads that allow people to live their lives healthily and comfortably. My field of expertise is directly linked to these areas.  During 2012 I travelled to earthquake ravaged Haiti with an environmental engineering company from the USA. The team met with many communities who lived in towns, rural areas and even in the highlands in inaccessible parts. It was interesting that roads and fresh water were always more important to the communities than electricity or television or even food. Without roads there is no access to work, education, hospitals and shops. Without water there is no life.

Aziz Deshmook-Khan - Director

I was born and raised in Cape Town. My formative years was spent at Blossom Street Primary, a school that incorporated people with diverse cultures. Thereafter, I attended High School in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. In Johannesburg I attended Trinity High, a school in Lenasia that represented people of all walks of life and encouraged independence. Thereafter, back in Cape Town, I attended Rylands High, the school from which I matriculated.

After completing my National Diploma in Cost & Management Accounting at Cape Peninsula University of Technology i moved to Johannesburg where I started working for KBS Corporate Services, an accounting practice. It is here that i gained invaluable experience being exposed to the different aspects of accounting. After working for two years at KBS , I returned to Cape Town. I then joined ASCH Professional Services (Pty) Ltd, an engineering practice. I worked for the company for 13 years, during which time I completed a Higher Diploma in Taxation at UNISA. However, the company was unfortunately liquidated. It was a company in which I not only grew as a person but also where I consolidated my work experience. I took on a lot more responsibility and worked with various individuals who I gained knowledge and experience from. Nadeson Consulting Services was then formed from a core group of staff from ASCH. My role under Nadeson changed , as I was appointed as the Financial Director and where I find myself presently.  

Being appointed as an Associate at ASCH was special, as well as being appointed as the Financial Director of Nadeson as it showed the trust the rest of the board have in me.

What has stood out the most and which I think differentiates Nadeson from its competitors is that it is more of a “family” business. The reason being that many of the staff have been with the company for more than ten years. This aspect of the business is very important, as management knows that they can not only trust the staff, but also rely on them when we all as a team need to work together.

Goolam Rooknodien - Director

I was born in Cape Town in an area sandwiched between the old District Six and Woodstock. The environment I grew up in was fortunately across culture and religion, giving me a broad perspective on matters of life.

I was the last born and only son to my parents. I have four sisters. I attended Chapel Street Primary which recently celebrated it’s 100 years. Thereafter I matriculated from Harold Cressy High School in 1988. Most of the students during my period of attendance had lost an academic year during the unrest in 1985.  

I registered with the then Peninsula Technikon during 1989 to pursue a career in Civil Engineering. The technikon forwarded my name to Hawkins Hawkins and Osborn as they were looking for engineering students who showed the necessary commitment and potential. That was the start of my path in the field of Transportation Engineering. I subsequently worked for a few companies over the past twenty years often serving the same company more than once as I had developed a good track record through hard work and commitment to service excellence.  My career took me along the path of senior techncian, chief technician, associate and eventually Director at Nadeson’s after serving as the company’s HOD Transport for four years.

I was the first and only in our family to matriculate and obtain a professional qualification and driver’s licence.  

To me Nadeson is synonymous with the birth of our democracy in 1994, signifying positive change for all. What makes Nadeson great is the fact that it embraces humanity beyond all ill-perceived divides, providing all its employees opportunities to enhance their lives and offering its clients a means to achieve the very purpose of infrastructure development being human development, through a spirit of positive human interaction.   

Clint Stockwell - Director

Completed my Higher National Diploma through the Provincial Administration : Western Cape Roads Department. After completing my studies and their established training programme I decided to travel overseas for a short while before returning to Cape Town. In 1997 I joined the civils department of ASCH Professional Services until their restructuring to form Nadeson Consulting Services.

With over 15 years of civil engineering experience I have worked on some of the most prestigious local projects and have also had the opportunity to work on projects outside our borders in Rwanda and Angola.

I work primarily in the field of urban residential and building infrastructure and bulk infrastructure investigations/master planning. My experience covers most aspects of the civil engineering from project procurement through to contract administration. As the Civil Department Director of Nadeson Consulting Services my core function is to ensure that our team is able to meet the client’s objectives to the degree that they welcome our return on the next project.  

Andre Dyers – Associate

I was born and raised in Cape Town and matriculated at The Settlers High school. Thereafter enrolled at Cape University of Technology where I obtained national diploma in civil engineering. I started my career at Kantey and Templer as a civil technician. In 2009 I joined the Civil division at Nadeson Consulting Engineers and was involved in the design, setting up of contract documentation, tender evaluations and site supervision on various civil engineering projects. 

I obtained my ECSA professional registration and Btech (urban) during my 6 years at Nadeson Consulting, and was recently appointed as an associate. Nadeson has given me the opportunity to leverage my passion and allowed me to grow at a successful rate by creating a path to take on new challenges.

Sheraan Mohamed - Associate

I grew up in Cape Town and matriculated from Rylands High School in 1998.  From there I completed a National Diploma in Civil Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and conducted my in-service training at a consulting firm in Cape Town.  It was then that I decided to pursue a Btech Degree in Civil Engineering Structures at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Subsequently to completing my degree, I joined Nadeson Consulting Services and have been with the company for 11 years.   I have experience in structural analysis and design on road bridges, pedestrian bridges, subways, culverts as well as major commercial and residential buildings.  I am also experienced in hydraulic and flood analysis on culverts and bridges. 

I am registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa as a Professional Engineering Technologist, and my appointment as an Associate at Nadeson has definitely added to my list of accolades.

Nadeson has provided a platform for me to use my knowledge and expertise to provide eminent and innovative engineering solutions for our clients.