There is more to a road than the tar on the surface and for the Transportation team, everything that goes into the process before laying that tar is where their biggest responsibility lays. The transportation team within the Nadeson structure is composed of geometrics engineers, pavement engineers and hydraulics engineers – all instrumental at different parts of the road development process and in taking the project from beginning to end.

Depending on the specifications for the road that are laid out by the client, it is up to the transportation team to design a road that suits them. Working collectively, the design and development of a road can work to effectively improving people’s lives; from making sure the roads are safer and providing more reliable routes for commuters – ones free of potholes and other hazards – to creating better access to the routes for pedestrians as well. The desired outcome, much like the work of the team, is an holistic one, taking as many factors into account as possible when designing a solution.

- Integrated Transport Studies
- Planning, Design and Construction Supervision of Major Roads, Highways and Interchanges
- Pavement Analysis and Design including Reuse of Recycled materials
- Road Condition Assessments and Surveys
- Labour Intensive Road Construction Methods
- Road Rehabilitation and Upgrading